Why I execute this transaction?

Can someone explain why I execute this transaction?
I just click the toggle item and cross bridge item in refinance option without any deposit assets.
The transaction is as below:

It’s just flashloan borrow and flashloan payback. You’re saying you did this from our UI?

Yes, I did it several days ago.I didn’t input any number in the UI. Click the toggle and Cross Bridge, then the transaction is executed.

  1. click toggle
  2. click cross bridge
  3. transactions occurs
    What is happened with the operation?

Can someone answer me what’s happen due to the operation?
Maybe flashloan, but why do these actions result in the transaction?
I will be glad to your answer!

Hi @desker,

The transaction didn’t do anything as there’s no input for the amount. As attached the Cross Bridge button should be disabled. So looks like a bug that enabled the button. Thank you for reporting this and we will fix the UI to prevent this from future. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Thanks for your answer.
I also think it is a bug of UI. Hope you can fix it soon!