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I tried to save a Vault, but I can’t see where it resulted in any excess collateral. Appears that is sold the ETH for the amount of the debt. But I have trouble tracking the transaction Transaction is

The excess collateral stays with your DSA account. You can check the balances on -> “token assets”

You might have observed that your ETH balance is increased a bit after the txn.

I don’t see the collateral that was in excess of debt anywhere in the DSA account?

I still don’t see it. As near as I could tell, I tried to move over to the DSA contract via bridge to bring over 33.423 ETH and $3504 DAI debt. When I tried to “Save” it I don’t see that I ever got kicked out the additional ETH or Weth?

Hi @mccallios,

The save method will use your collateral to payoff your debt so that you can keep your borrowed Dai. That’s why you have no ETH and only the borrowed Dai you have

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Where is the borrowed dai? Now I am really confused. I had moved over some DAI as I had $200 in Compound here

AND I had also moved over 3,495.07 DAI that I had just borrowed from compound as I was going to manually pay off the debt.

I then withdrew 3,699.295734524475172851 here

I don’t see anything from the CDP either DAI or ETH or WETH in the DSA address?

The removal was actually 204.225734524475172851 DAI as I estimated the $200.

So the two sync with the amount removed 204.2257 from cDAI and then the $3,495.07 from the transaction that I sent over match the amount of DAI removed. $3,699.2957. I can’t see where there was any more Collateral released as either DAI or ETH.

So that $3495.07 Dai as you mentioned that’s the borrowed DAI. But that has 33.42ETH as collateral. And with the save recipe it used your collateral to clear out your debt. So that you don’t have collateral and debt anymore. Don’t need to pay back the borrowed Dai.

OK. There is alot going on here that I am having a tough time explaining it all in steps. But first, I think you need to really analyze the “save” function transaction. As something weird happened there. But I had accomplished the following steps that are confusing it.

  1. I had upgraded the contract from the old Instadapp to the new DSA
  2. I crosse the bridge to a MKR DAP CDP from a Compound loan

Here is the initial DSA

Which shows the 33.423127968154167261 ETH and debt of 3,504.829452978437454392 DAI against it. This is a collateralization ratio of approx 46% or equity value of approx 4,000.

The previous mentioned 204.225734524475172851 DAI and $3,495.07 DAI is NEW money that is outside of the MKR Vault. This adds to the $3,699.2957 that was withdrawn.

NOW go back to the SAVE function. When the vault was “saved” it never returned any tokens, in DAI, ETH, or otherwise. It just zeroed out the Vault at 46% collateralization ratio. I don’t have the chain analysis tool to review the “save” transaction, but something not right happened as I should have received something close to the value of the ETH $7,505.50 less the debt 3,504.829452978437454392 OR 4,000 (value).

The real questions is where did the $4,000 in equity go? I don’t see any tokens, ETH, DAI or otherwise.

Hey! Thanks for co-operating. Sorry for all the trouble. We’re looking into your matter. Let us revert back in sometime. We will make sure to provide you the satisfactory solution.

Hey! So we did the digging from our side. Your 4000 DAI in on the vault’s urn address. We’ll push a code today on Maker UI of our DApp particularly for you to claim your DAI. Sorry for all the troubles.

Hey! We’ve added the button to withdraw your locked DAI. Exit DAI in the recipe section.

Samyak, I tried the exit DAI and it didn’t release anything that I could tell?

Hey! So you’ve tried to do it on Vault ID 1045 but your DAI is locked in Vault ID 366. Try again on 366 it’ll work.

OK, thanks, I think I see now.

Looks like your transaction went through.