MakerDAO : Lock in WBTC and borrow DAI

I wanted to do the following in MakerDAO.
1 Lock in WBTC and borrow DAI
2 Convert DAI to ETH
3 Repeat #2 twice

Can you help me with the procedure for doing this in InstaDapp ?

Currently, my WBTC is not visible in the MakeDAO tab, how do I proceed ?

Hi Sudha

I am assuming you are using our platform located here:
After you created your account you need to deposit into your DSA address.
Then you can create a Maker Vault using wBTC. . . however the DAI ceiling has been reached on wBTC so no more DAI can be issued from wBTC you can see that information on this website:

You may want to deposit wBTC into Compound instead and borrow DAI from that ecosystem instead.
You can start that here:

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