Maker Vault emptied with no activity records

Hi Instadapp. I used your web app to migrate a position of over 1K ETH from SCD to MCD around February. The vault ( was fine when I looked at it a few weeks after creation.

It has since disappeared from oasis and gone to $0, 𝝣0, on Instadapp web app, and there are no activity records anywhere, defiexplore, oasis, no liquidation records, no withdrawals, etc.

At this point I don’t know what to do. Please help.

FYI - Black Thursday liquidation could be a possible cause but now seems unlikely given absence of any activity records. Neither myself or the Maker folks have been able to recognize this as a typical Black Thursday liquidation case. I have been interacting with Maker forums for the past few weeks to investigate, so far with no definite results.

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So I took at look at this and I was able to locate your Vault here:

I believe your address is 0xC2…79 and that is the address that controls the Vault above.

Our new dashboard is a completely new smart contract wallet and supersedes our previous Instadapp Smart Wallet; you can still access the old instadapp here:

You will find your vault still here.

And you can migrate into a new DSA account here:

The DSA has some limitations and advantages so please read about it here:

However . . . it appears you were liquidated several times over. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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Hi @Sebastian, How did you determine I was liquidated? Please share any on-chain activity data you found that supports your finding.

That was actually the core of my inquiry. There are no on-chain activities that I could find that points to liquidation. I’ve been looking through the Black Thursday liquidations reported on Maker forums (linked above), they all show liquidation activity on defiexplore, on-chain and on oasis. Not mine though.

Thanks for the pointer to your new accounts migration process, but at this point I’m not sure that is relevant to my inquiry.

Hi @Sebastian, have you had a chance to look at this?

Hey @Sumac_Ameen! We have analyzed your migration transaction of SCD to MCD.

In the tx, you chose to migration your SCD cdp #19357 to MCD vault #4844 (this was your existing vault before this transaction). Vault #4844 was created in before transaction.

The transaction process to help you why vault #4846 created in the first place:

  1. You choose to migrate your SCD #19357 cdp to your MCD #4844 vault.
  2. In the transaction, your SCD cdp was migrated to a new MCD vault. The new vault is #4846.
  3. Then, shifted your position from #4846 and merged into your existing vault #4844. And then closed #4846 vault.
    That’s why they were no records of liquidation on-chain of vault #4846. vault #4846 was created in the intermediate step to complete the migration transaction.

Finally, your vault is #4844. You can see your on-chain liquidation logs of your vault.


Thank you @Thrilok! That solves the mystery. Much appreciated.

Now I can proceed with the Black Thursday reporting with the Maker folks.