I can not move my funds

I have an argent wallet, and I moved my funds to my account in instadapp,and now, I can do anything with my funds,not swap, not deposit in compund, not even withdraw to my argent wallet again. I start a transaction, and never pass to next step and did not open the window for gas fee to confirm the transaction. It keeps waiting and never do nothing. I have another account with metamax and is working fine. I was thinking that maybe the setup of low gas fee of the argent wallet don’t let transactions start, but I don’t see any option to modify the gas fees in my argent wallet, I have my money stock now, if someone can help, or have any idea, I will apreciated. Thanks

Hey Icolumna! You don’t need to worry about your funds it’ll stay safe. I think this issue is specific to Argent… have you tried contacting them?

Hi Samyak,
Yes, I contacted Argent, and they told me that disconnect instadapp in argent wallet, and open a chrome incognito window and proceed with the trade from there. But I have the same result, keep waiting, and even send me the authorization to my wallet, but the button approved is not available to approve the transaction. Is very frustrating at this point, I open both accounts to do a test with a small amount, to deposit big amounts later when I had more experience, but now I have my money stock. For one side Metamax work fine, but eat all the profits with the gas fees, and Argent wallet, have very low fees, but my money is freezed on Instadapp. I know you are the developer of this app, if you can not help me,nobody can for sure.

Hey Icolumna! You don’t need to worry. Your funds are not lost. There must be some connection issue with sending the transaction. We’ll also look with the argent team.

As long as you own the owner address of DSA you don’t need to worry about anything. You hold all the powers of your funds.

@icolumna looks like the new Argent wallet upgrade fix the issue with WalletConnect transactions.

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I have the same problem now, I am even reinstall the argent app,and wait for 36 hours to recover, now I conncet the wallet again to instadapp, and I can not do anything inside the instadapp. There is a communication, because the message for approved the transaction appears in argent wallet, but the button for approved the transaction is not available, only to reject the transaction, and the window in instadapp keeps thinking and still like that forever. I don’t know what to do now. I talked with both sides, and nobody gave me a real solution.