How to use getId & setId?

What’s the use of getId and setId?
setId and getId will help you share data/value from one spell to another. You can get a value from a specific Id that had been stored before.

Example where getId and setId can be used

Let’s say I want to sell USDC to buy ETH on 1Inch and then deposit bought ETH into Compound.

  1. So I sell USDC on 1Inch, and I store the bought ETH amount at setId (let’s say it’s 482 as setId for now) on sell() function of 1inch.
  2. Then I will use 482 as getId on compound deposit() function and deposit the bought ETH in Compound. In deposit function, I don’t need to mention the amount specifically to deposit. It will get the deposit amount from getId that is passed.

Code Snippet:

  connector: "oneInch",
  method: "sell",
  args: [eth_address, usdc_address, sellAmount, unitAmt, 0, "482"] // setting bought ETH amount at id 482

  connector: "compound",
  method: "deposit",
  args: [eth_address, 0, "482", 0] // getting deposit amount from id 482


  1. For getId, if the id is 0 then it won’t get the stored amount but it will use the amount that’s passed in the function.
  2. For setId, if the id is 0 then it won’t stored amount.

Debt-Swap Recipe:

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