How to claim UNI token on Instadapp?


  1. Go to

  2. Click on 3 dots menu to the top left side of the page.

  3. Then in the menu click on Claim UNI option.

  4. Enter your Instadapp wallet address in the recipient input box and click on Claim UNI button

  5. Confirm your transaction. And you will receive your UNI token on your Instadapp contract wallet.

  6. Later you can withdraw UNI tokens from the Instadapp dashboard (old & new) or via small code snippet.


HI there, I can see from my zerion account that I have some UNI in the old instadapp account but I can’t seem to claim it? Is there some way to find the address attached to it to claim it?

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Same here as @RGhadamian. I don’t know how to find the Instadapp wallet address for my account to process the UNI token claim. Appreciate your prompt reply.

So I figured it out, in the old instadapp, go to compound - that’s where you’ll find your contract address.

Then follow the instructions about pasting it and claiming it in uniswap.

Once it’s claimed then you got to the ‘exit’ screen in the old instadapp and you should find it there to transfer back to your main wallet

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