How do I Export my Curve pool balance?

I successfully imported my Curve pool balance. How can I export it back to Curve? I can only see Deposit and Withdraw buttons for the pool.

We will soon add a section to exit any positions on the portal in single step.

But, for now, you can withdraw on Instadapp and deposit it again on any other dashboard (2 step process).

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OK thanks. I was trying to avoid paying fees several times (they do add up!). How soon do you think the Export feature will be available?

Rather than waiting for a reply here, I have now withdrawn this deposit. I have to say the procedure is pretty confusing if you are not an expert on Instadapp. I had to do two sets of withdrawals, which is not explained on the Curve page.

The first withdrawal form lists the three tokens that are part of the pool, and it’s not obvious which one (if any) I should select. Do I need to do three withdrawals, one per token? So I did all three of them, and the third transaction failed. OK, so now what?

I checked my wallet and the funds were not there. So I went to my Dashboard and, surprise, I have no pool holdings but the main token shows up there. So I did another withdrawal, and this one moved the main token to my own wallet finally. So it turns out that the withdrawal from the pool goes to an Instadapp contract, which again is not explained (it shows up as wallet balance on the Dashboard).

All in all, the transactions are done efficiently and properly, but to someone new to Instadapp the process is very confusing. Simple one-sentence instructions on each page would go a long way.