📚 GUI GUIDE - Curve Dashboard

:ocean: Curve Dashboard

To get started with Curve head over to the Curve page.

:rooster: EARLY RELEASE - We will release additional functionality in the coming weeks.

Curve Finance is an algorithmic deep liquidity pool that aims to keep assets of equivalent value at parity; or equal to one another. You can deposit and withdraw from the Stablecoin pool consisting of USDC, DAI, PAX, sUSD or a tokenized BTC pool consisting of WBTC, sBTC, and renBTC.

:fire: UI Elements

Balance USD
This shows your balance of yCurve tokens with the USD value in bold and the token value in grey. yCurve tokens represent a basket of Stablecoins and depositing into the contract grants you equal rights to the underlying stablecoins. This stablecoin pool contains DAI/USDC/USDT/sUSD

Balance BTC
This shows your USD value BTC in the Curve BTC pool; the token value is represented in grey. This BTC pool contains WBTC/renBTC/sBTC

The APY interest rate for the assets are shown in Days, Week, and Months.

:surfing_man:‍♂ Depositing into Curve

When you click deposit you will be shown all the assets in the current basket and you can deposit all or some of the underlying assets. Curve uses algorhtmic demand to add additional weight to the underlying assets to keep their values in proportion; therefore certain tokens receive a slightly higher or lower deposit value depending on the demand and supply in the Curve pools.


In the example; the protocol Curve protocol adds a slight deposit percentage for depositing DAI vs. deposing USDC where the protocol decreases the deposit value slightly.

:woman_playing_water_polo: Withdrawing from Curve

The same slight weighted percentage is applied when withdrawing assets from Curve; this prevents the protocol from being drained of any of its specific underlying assets.

:diving_mask: Wanna take a Deep Dive?

Curve accomplishes efficient markets in a truly novel and surprisingly simple way; you can read the whitepaper here; its only 5 pages! (Well 6 if you count the graphic on the last page.)

:rooster: Upcoming Features

We have planned to continue expanding the functionality of the Curve dashboard. We are working on implementing the SNX Pool Rewards allowing our users to participate in Synthetix sponsored liquidity pools and earn SNX rewards

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