📚 GUI GUIDE - Compound Dashboard

:bar_chart: Compound Dashboard

To get started with the Compound protocol head over to the Compound page.

:fire: UI Elements

This is shows the USD values of the assets supplied to the Compound protocol.

The total value of your Compound position by subtracting the liabilities from the supplied assets

This represents how ‘safe’ your position is from being called for liquidation.

Liquidation (ETH)
The number on the left indicates the price at which your position can be liquidated; the price on the right is the current price ETH. This number only calculates properly when supplying ETH only!

COMP Balance
This value shows the COMP accrued as well as the COMP on the DSA account.

:ocean: Compound Asset UI

Each asset has its own small UI; here you can utilize the simple base transaction requests such as deposit or withdraw.

USD Value and Token Quantity

The top most number is the USD value and is represented by the ($) symbol; the smaller number represents token quantity.


This will display the asset’s status ‘Supplied’,‘Borrowed’, or if you have ‘No Position’.


Each asset will have a combination of the transaction buttons; the available buttons depend on the status of the asset in your account. You can get around these limitation by using recipes.

You can also use the recipe Deposit and Borrow this will combine depositing the asset and borrowing into you DSA account.

:truck: Import a Compound Position

If the current owner accessing the Compound dashboard has a Compound position the GUI will bring in a new option to import your vault labeled Import Position.

Migrate Vault (CETH Allowance)

The interface will ask you to allow token transfers of the assets you currently have on Compound; this is to allow the contract to move the position into the DSA. Once this transactions completes you can finish the import by clicking the sending the transaction.

import final

:exclamation: Once you import your Compound position it will no longer be accessible from Compound.Finance; there is no one click method to export the position out.

:woman_cook: Transaction Recipes

These transaction recipes take multiple functions and combines them into a single transaction. This allows you to long or short assets, shift debt, or mine $COMP. Here are the recipes that currently available to use on the Compound dashboard.

:hamburger: Classic Recipes

Our original recipes that combine two simply transactions into one more useful one!

Deposit and Borrow

Supply an asset to the Vault while also borrowing another asset.

Payback and Withdraw

Pay down an outstanding balance while also withdrawing collateral

:cake: Leverage Strategies

These recipes employ specific strategies such as borrowing one asset to long another.

Maximize ETH

This creates a long with your ETH positions; this will borrow DAI against your ETH for more ETH.

Maximize $COMP Mining

This creates a long with your DAI; this will borrow USDC and deposit more DAI increasing your exposure to the protocol’s rewards.

:sushi: Advanced Asset Management

These strategies employ the use of our Flashpool to efficiently shift balances within the Compound protocol this includes debts.

Save or Unwind $COMP Mining

This takes the underlying assets and sells it to reduce the debt; this recipe will loop and can be used to unwind leveraged positions like: Maximize ETH or Max $COMP Mining

Debt Swap

Swap the underlying borrowed asset for another asset; can be used to refinance between Stablecoin rates.

debt swap

Collateral Swap

Swap the underlying collateral asset for another asset; be careful when swapping assets that have differing Collateral Factor. Learn More from Compound’s Documentation.

collateral swap

:duck: Common Questions

I don’t see my Instadapp Compound position on Compound.Finance

Compound positions are tied to Etheruem addresses; the Defi Smart Account is its own Etheruem account and as such will not be viewable from your owner address. You can paste your DSA address into account managers to view the Compound position.

I Claimed my COMP, where is it?

Accrued COMP needs to be claimed from the protocol before it appears on your wallet; COMP is automatically claimed when you interact with the protocol; or you can use the CLAIM button. After claiming your COMP it will appear in your DSA address; you can view it on the main dashboard here: dsa.instadapp.io

The interface won’t let me borrow against USDT

Each asset on Compound is provided with a Collateral Factor; a percentage of its value that can be borrowed against. USDT’s collateral factor is currently 0.

How do I Pay the full amount back accurately?

You can use the Set MAX button to accurately and fully pay your outstanding balance.

Payback (USDC using MAX)

:woman_cook: Want to get in the Kitchen?

You can create your own recipes and build specific transactions for your own needs. Take a look at our documentation and before you know it you’ll be flambéing those DeFi returns.

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