Future of Instadapp Governance?

Hello All!

First off, I’m a big fan of Instadapp and watching it evolve over the past ~2 years has been pretty awesome! I’m new to the forum and just started looking around in the discord but want to hear how the community and founders feel about an Instadapp governance token. Could help with distributing work loads to community members who care the most, monetizing some of the recipes/actions on the dashboard, and rewarding Instadapp users. StakeDAO’s governance token recently launched and their product was brand new. There are rumors about zerion and zapper doing it also. Just feel like with all the hype the space has right now and the success of retroactive token distributions it could make a lot of sense. Then again I don’t know everything about the project and the team’s ambitions so maybe there is a reason for not doing so.

Would love to hear feedback from both sides so I can better understand the pros and cons to a governance token for a project like Instadapp.

Hey! Appreciate your concerns. We’re always discussing tokens internally although whenever we have a confirmation on this end we’ll have an announcement about it. I would suggest joining our discord channels & follow us on Twitter for regular updates from Instadapp.

Got it, will do! Thanks for following up.