Error on USDT Withdraw

Hi I have been trying out InstantDapp but I have encountered a problem when I try to withdraw from my Dashboard.

I am using the opera browser crypto wallet as my ETH wallet and just experimenting with small amounts.

When I try to withdraw USDT from my dashboard I get a contract error.

This has happened twice now , any advice on what to do here. ?

Kind regards

Hi @NoobFarmer2020,

Looks like you need to set higher slippage for Kyber trade.

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Yeah! Sometimes when transaction take too much of time then in the meantime the prices might change and to save users assets we send 0.1% slippage from the frontend.

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Thanks I forgot I was trying to make a trade .
What can I do in the future to stop this from happening ?

Firstly make sure setting the correct slippage depends on the amount, the larger the amount the higher the slippage it has.

Secondly when involving a trade you better use average gas fee as the quote price may expire after half hour.

Hope that would helps