Error on trading ETH to BAT

I tried multiple times to trade ETH to BAT, but everytime I get failed while txn execution. Please consider checking the below transactions,


Waiting for a quick resolution.


Hi @mohneesh,

All TXs have the same error as shown, you need to set higher slippage on Kyber. Which could caused by large amount or long waiting time.

For trading better set normal/high gas and let it execute within half hour to prevent trade expiry or high slippage.

While trading I don’t see any option to modify the slippage, it says 0.0% and I’m keeping the gas fees as it is as suggested.

Please refer the attached image

Adding to @leckylao answer. We’re also soon going to add advance section on trade for users to set their own slippage. Currently, by default it’s 0.1%. but we’re thinking to increase it to 0.3% for non-stable coin pairs.