Defi-Lego Token Idea - mDMM

I wanted to share a defi token idea I had that I wanted to share:

DefiMoneyMarket is an interesting approach to bringing real world assets on-chain to Ethereum and their token model allows for a DeFi centric approach to a token while maintaining the stable earning of real world assets. DefiMoneyMarket had created a Goverenance Token which currently has no emission for the participants of the DMM.

However, the mDAI/mUSD/mETH tokens that underline their system could be wrapped in a CHAI-like manner; and maybe those earnings could be converted into Governance; what I like about this is that the tokens’ purpose is still aligned with the original protocol and just simplifies something you could do yourself.

What is interesting is this Governance-interest bearing tokens could, as always, eventually have its own secondary market or be plugged into another DeFi protocol. :brick:

Just wanted to share; and maybe inspire someone with more free time than myself!

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