$222,766,923 flashloan facilitated 🎉

At the time of writing this post, over $222M flash loan is generated through Instadapp, mostly triggered by yield mining. Visit this endpoint to check the accurate number.

Instadapp users perform various transactions like leveraging positions, switching their collateral or debt, refinancing to the compound to maximize their returns, etc., which requires a flash loan.

The Instadapp interface is powered by DSA platform, which is a robust set of smart contracts which makes such powerful transaction easy to execute for users.

In fact, any developer with basic experience in Javascript can also build interesting use-cases without writing a single line of the smart contract. Typically, use cases involving flash loans require contracts (with security, audits, etc), but DSA eliminates it. Check out this interesting write-up by @thrilok, which illustrates the usage of the flash loan effortlessly.

You can check the popular videos below by one of our community members who describe the use of the flash loan on Instadapp (especially from yield farming POV). Must watch!

Users can head towards our dapp to execute all these recipes: https://dsa.instadapp.io.

Developers can build interesting use-cases: https://docs.instadapp.io.

More in-depth analysis and explorers are coming soon!